Michael Kruse


Michael Kruse

As a Project Manager, Michael is well versed in creating and managing in-house creative agencies and customizing workflows and project management solutions.

For fifteen years Michael was fortunate to have worked for established companies in New York, such as Sotheby’s, Condé Nast and New York Magazine. This work taught strong communication, creative and operational leadership skills, and provided substantial experience managing digital and print projects, implementing a broad range of workflows and overseeing diverse teams of producers, editors and designers in global settings. Through his work at in-house agencies, Michael specializes in creative process evaluation, cross-functional optimization, content management strategy, project management tools and systems, and solving all the problems and blockers that drain motivation and kill morale.

Now based In Milwaukee, Michael began his career with dreams of writing the next classic novel and has refocused that passion into producing collaborative, creative work. As a talented writer and thinker, Michael can help create, design and direct creative projects and content.