Strategic Marketing Transformation

Strategic Marketing Transformation

Case Study

Streamlining Neiman Marcus’s Marketing Operations



Post-pandemic, Neiman Marcus’s Marketing Team faced inefficiencies, redundant, overlapping tasks, and undefined roles, leading to a reactive operational environment. The CMO engaged us to pinpoint these issues and craft a 30-60-90 improvement strategy, emphasizing streamlined campaign processes, revamped catalog print schedules, restructured freelancer approvals and budgeting, and an efficient project management approach.


Embracing detailed research methodology, Chameleon Collective embarked on an exhaustive fact-finding mission. Through rigorous interviews with dozens of key team members along with workflow and process assessments, we captured an all encompassing snapshot of the existing operational landscape with all of its embedded pain points. Collaboratively engaging with key stakeholders and senior leadership, we created a strategic reorganization blueprint. This encompassed revamping team structures, introducing optimized workflows, establishing calendars and timelines, and implementing and expanding on their existing software tools.


Our tailored approach culminated in the seamless onboarding of a Senior Director of Operations, setting the stage for a reinvigorated marketing division. The process enhancement strategies provided a robust roadmap, clarifying roles, responsibilities, and ensuring adept software training for the team. Consequently, Neiman Marcus’s marketing department evolved into a more cohesive, agile, and process-driven unit, adeptly navigating change management and market challenges.


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