Sonja Shahan


Sonja Shahan

Sonja is a versatile copywriter who’s been helping companies connect genuinely with audiences for over 15 years. She writes clear, engaging copy that gets noticed, builds trust and creates an enjoyable customer experience.

She’s worked with startups and fast-growing companies across a big mix of industries, including Tech, On-Demand Delivery, SaaS, Consumer Products, Food + Beverage, Insurance, Healthcare, Film and Music.

Sonja’s jam is clarity and authenticity. She crafts copy that’s straightforward, original and easy on the brain. Her copy carries clear messaging and speaks right to the audience in a voice they like, trust and want to stick around to get to know.

Her clients are mostly B2B and B2B2C, span the US and Europe, and include ADP, Stuart, Kharis Capital, Peak6 and OpenText.