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Christa Patrylak

Christa Patrylak


Christa is a senior level Brand marketer and full-stack Digital professional with 20+ years of experience. She has spent most of her career growing pop culture consumer brands and building in-house digital teams for Technology, Media and Health & Wellness companies.

Over the past 10+ years, she has worked in-house for brands such as HBO, Ubisoft Games, SoulCycle and Compass, driving innovative brand strategies, leading digital transformation and improving organizational & go-to-market processes that translated to growth. She has also led start-from-scratch brand development and activation for fast-moving technology startups.

Christa’s in-house and consulting work has helped businesses lift brand and conversion metrics by bridging the gap between business strategy and marketing, creativity and data analytics, brands and their customers.

Christa has led teams as large as 20+, including creatives, performance marketers, data scientists and social media mavens. She believes great work happens together when we lead with dynamism, compassion and humility.