Julian Lopez


Julian Lopez

Julian has over 20 years of sales and business operations experience in European SaaS startups and NYSE corporations, focusing on Go-To-Market strategy development and execution.

He is a versatile professional with expertise in leading organizations to navigate through cross-functional business issues to maximize operational alignment with corporate strategy.

Julian believes many mature organizations lack of a clear executive function that owns every piece of the end to end sales process puzzle. From lead to invoice, when we think about all systems, processes and departments that touch revenue, the complexity and impact can grow exponentially very rapidly. This can easily cause interdepartmental/system/process misalignment that puts Sales and Customers in the hard and unwanted position of navigating on their own, dysfunctional siloed selling/buying processes. Julian has the ability to challenge obsolescent legacy thinking and outline clear paths to a desired end state, designing and implementing sound business strategies and processes to drive consistent growth throughout any situation, enabling both the sales organization and customers across the selling and buying journeys.

Julian holds a BA in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master in Technology Management by La Salle Business School.