Julie Mantis


Julie Mantis

As more and more brands move marketing and creative work internally (in-housing), brands are coming to Julie to receive guidance on organizational structures, operational efficiencies, and marketing processes. Julie’s career as the first in the door at several agencies and at Chameleon Collective has given her the unique perspective of “building”. Building teams, processes, and cultures – it’s an experience and achievement Julie is addicted to.

Due to her experience being on all sides of the work – from being part of the team to being oversight on the team – from building global organizations, to building global brand campaigns, Julie’s broad exposure in her career enables her to provide fully customized solutions, no matter the size or scale of the business. All of Julie’s Marketing Transformation initiatives solve for organizational structure, role and responsibility clarity, high and low-level process workflows to match track, and are created leveraging a balance between best practices and internal capabilities. Custom briefs and forms are provided, complete with tutorials, and team members are given access to 1:1 mentoring via Julie’s resources. Executive coaching, training, and workshop materials are provided to ensure alignment and actionability.

Julie has guided Marketing Transformation for Polaroid, Bugaboo, Blink, Vera Bradley, Komatsu Mining, & Mark Cross.