Case Study: Polaroid – Interim VP Of Brand

Case Study: Polaroid – Interim VP Of Brand

A hand with painted nails, possibly belonging to an interim VP of Brand, holds a polaroid photo of a seaside scene in front of a coastal pathway. The pathway is lined with a metal railing, palm trees, and buildings in the background. The blue ocean and clear sky are visible on a sunny day.

Case Study

From Legacy to Relevance Through Strategic Brand Leadership



Despite boasting brand recognition equal to industry giants like Coca-Cola, Polaroid faced a significant challenge. It risked being relegated to the status of a nostalgic party gimmick, failing to connect with the contemporary youthful audience. Compounding this, the company’s marketing department was reeling from high leadership turnover and the effects of the global pandemic. The risk was not just falling behind—it was total collapse.


Chameleon Collective stepped in, placing an Interim VP of Brand at the helm to provide much-needed stability, focus, and leadership. This new leader’s task was monumental – to restore faith in Polaroid’s marketing team and reintroduce Polaroid as a relevant brand for the youth. Our Interim VP established unifying briefings across all marketing verticals, reinvigorating the team and turning around the internal culture. This collaborative approach paved the way for an overarching brand narrative, “We are what we create.” This ethos revitalized the Polaroid brand, igniting enthusiasm amongst both internal teams and external followers. Through the lens of this narrative, new product announcements – from the first wearable Polaroid camera, Polaroid Go, to collaborations like Keith Haring, were designed to engage and inspire. For instance, the Polaroid Go, with the vibrant slogan “Go Create” and “Create Big. Smaller,” emphasized the brand’s commitment to creativity and accessibility.


The effective leadership of the Interim VP of Brand resulted in Polaroid’s triumphant return. The brand narrative provided a fresh perspective on the legacy brand, making it relevant and attractive to a younger demographic. Introducing new products under this positioning further emphasized the brand’s revival and commitment to creativity and inclusivity.

The success of this new direction was immediately evident. The first product under this renewed brand positioning, Polaroid Go, completely sold out during its pre-sale phase. This was a testament to the impactful role of interim leadership in transforming a brand and its resonance with its target audience.

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