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Erika Arevalo

Erika Arevalo

Growth Marketer


She has over 5+ years of experience as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the industry, developing and executing media buying strategies and marketing plans, negotiating media buys, and conducting market research to increase revenue and brand growth.

She has managed SEM, GDA— Display, Discovery and YouTube, DV360— Programmatic, and Connected TV campaigns for a variety of industries for both B2C and B2B. Through the management of these different channels she has not only learned how each channel works individually, but it has granted her a broader strategic thinking which allows her create strategies with a holistic approach where each channel compliments each-other.

Her outside-the-box mindset and understanding of the importance of keeping up to date with the market behavior are some of the key elements in her toolbox when striving to achieve the company’s goals all the way from increasing awareness to increasing revenue.