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Stephane Gringer

stephane gringer

Stephane Gringer

Partner, Growth Strategy & Management Consultant


Stephane is nothing if not adaptable. A true Chameleon.
A twenty-year career spanning everything from SaaS, CPG, Financial Services and Healthcare to Direct Marketing, Skin Care, and Sweepstakes has allowed him to apply his creative roots to solve a multitude of marketing challenges.

He operates at the intersection of design and analytics using persuasion marketing as the driver of his work in conversion optimization.

With two decades of client-side and agency-side leadership, he’s created new lines of business, built products, marketing, creative and sales teams, and campaign approaches that strategically blend media, technology, data, and social storytelling driving significant revenue for clients.

Stephane is a divergent thinker who possesses an innate ability to quickly de-construct businesses to their core, leading to the identification of additional revenue streams. He is a strategic planner with a tactical skill set consistently tapped as a trusted advisor and cross-functional leader who fosters collaboration across silos to accelerate growth.