Hubspot CRM Implementation

Hubspot CRM Implementation

Case Study

Streamlining Sales and Marketing Processes for Earthsafe Chemical Alternatives



Earthsafe Chemical Alternatives, while transitioning into the infection prevention domain, found itself rapidly thrust into a leadership role, particularly due to the unforeseen rise of Covid. As interest surged from multiple industry verticals, the company expanded its sales teams and global reach. This rapid growth underscored an urgent need for a potent CRM system, ensuring cohesive sales activity management and alignment with marketing endeavors.


Chameleon Collective partnered with EvaClean, a division of Earthsafe, to curate a strategic approach towards lead management. Recognizing the capabilities of Hubspot, our team took charge of its implementation, ensuring it became the linchpin for tracking and automating lead follow-up. This wasn’t just about technology integration; it was about ensuring end-to-end business efficiency. Collaborating closely with stakeholders across various functions, we formulated a comprehensive strategy to create, engage, and manage marketing leads. We established a multi-faceted sales process within Hubspot, empowering EvaClean to monitor all aspects of its burgeoning business seamlessly.


Our collaborative efforts did more than just introduce a CRM system. We equipped Earthsafe’s teams with the knowledge and tools necessary for Hubspot, covering everything from campaign setup, list and lead management, to the technical nuances and best practices. This proactive approach not only streamlined Earthsafe’s sales and marketing operations but also reinforced its position as a market leader in a dynamically changing landscape.

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