Greg Adams


Greg Adams

Greg is a senior level full-stack marketer and eCommerce professional with 15+ years of experience. He has architected strategies and led teams for B2C organizations ranging from early stage startups to multi-billion dollar brands across multiple industry verticals.

Over the past 10+ years, Greg has worked in-house for brands such as Burton, Vans, Oakley, and BCBG, driving digital marketing innovation, improving organizational & go-to-market processes, and achieving significant growth. He has also launched an early stage startup, Kelsen Products, as its first full-time, contracted operator, standing up a digitally native D to C business and a developed brand for its founders in six months.

His in-house and consulting work have helped companies transform their marketing programs to digital-first, customer-centric, and insights-driven. With a deep background in digital, eCommerce and D to C, Greg also has experience running 360-degree programs across multiple distribution channels and revenue streams.

Greg is highly adaptable, thoughtful, and articulate with a diverse track record of growth across numerous marketing & eCommerce disciplines. As a leader, he has successfully managed teams as large as 35 people, including creatives, in-house photo studios, digital marketing, eCommerce, brand, PR, and social media professionals.