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Elise de Saint-Didier

elise de saint-didier

Elise de Saint-Didier

Executive Digital Recruiter


Elise is focusing on connecting Talents with Startups or fast-growing e-commerce organizations. Her goal is not only to focus on skills but to define what makes a candidate the best culture fit.

Through her years of experience, Elise combines a deep knowledge of all aspects of e-commerce, Merchandising & digital marketing recruiting, an extensive network in both the US and Europe, an intuitive skill for assessing individual capabilities and an understanding of complex client needs. e-Commerce, Merchandising, Digital Marketing, Analytics are her areas of expertise.
She supports organizations expanding to the US and advises clients in their development beyond recruiting.

For over 15 years, she focused on building Teams in fast-paced environments to exceed goals. She occupied Executive positions with (VP Sales), (VP Merchandising), Groupon (Divisional Merchandising Manager) and worked for a Fashion House as an Executive Director of E-commerce covering throughout the last 15 years E-commerce, Business Development, Merchandising, Retail and Digital Marketing.

Passionate about technology and startups, knowing fast-paced environments translates into valuable insights, guidance, and deep understanding to best support companies she herself experienced with all arena of jobs linked to the industry.

She graduated from ISG Business School in 2002 with a Master in Business Administration and also owns two Masters from La Sorbonne University in Literature and Languages.

Elise moved to the US in 2011 to launch Vente-privee in the US, worked in NY/Chicago til 2014 and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her three children, and pet.