Recruiting a Digital Team

Recruiting a Digital Team

A clear swimming pool with blue and white tiled steps leading into the water. The water reflects the sky and trees, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. The geometric pattern of the tiles adds a modern touch, almost as if crafted by a digital team's precise recruiting of perfection.

Case Study

Elevating eCommerce: How Leslie’s Pool Supplies Assembled its Digital Team



With a new CEO at the helm and a recent public listing, Leslie’s Pool Supplies, the leading pool supplier in the US, embarked on a strategic digital transformation back in 2021. The challenge was not just the transformation itself, but the need to rebuild and scale their teams to align with the strategic direction outlined by the CMO and SVP of Ecommerce.


Our approach focused on identifying and recruiting top talents nationwide, willing to relocate to Phoenix, to join Leslie’s transformative journey. We worked closely with the eCommerce/Product team, Marketing, and the Merchandising organization to understand their needs. The recruitment kicked off with placing the Head of eCommerce Product in early 2021, followed by the Director of Integrated Marketing in Spring.


By targeting candidates with a strong background in eCommerce retail, we have been able to support Leslie’s Pool Supplies in building an adept team capable of executing their digital transformation strategy. As of now, our continued recruitment efforts are enabling Leslie’s to stay on track with their strategic roadmap, ensuring their positioning for success in the digital age.


Recruiting a Digital TeamRecruiting a Digital Team

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