Recruiting An In-house Agency & Marketing Team

Recruiting An In-house Agency & Marketing Team

Case Study

Boosting Vera Bradley’s eCommerce with an Innovative In-House Agency Approach



Vera Bradley, a brand recognized for its loyal and passionate consumer base, desired to offer enhanced experiences to their customers. While the brand aimed to optimize its existing in-house expertise, there was a need to minimize dependency on external agencies. This necessitated a new marketing approach, leading to the transition towards an in-house agency model. However, the change came with challenges, especially in recruiting suitable candidates open to relocating to Fort Wayne, IN and fitting the brand’s unique culture.


Chameleon Collective’s Internal Agency team dove into a partnership with Vera Bradley to pioneer their shift to an in-house agency model. The team aligned itself with the brand’s objectives and values, providing a holistic understanding of Vera Bradley’s needs. Alongside this, Chameleon Collective’s recruitment team worked diligently to assemble a strong team that would bolster the success of the new model. As the relationship deepened, Vera Bradley engaged Chameleon Collective expertise for critical recruitment drives, including placements for positions such as Brand Director, Product Manager, Channel Director, and Retail Store Manager.


The fruitful collaboration led to successful candidate placements since 2019, smoothing Vera Bradley’s shift to the new in-house agency model. This facilitated optimal use of their in-house talent, enriching the experiences provided to their loyal clientele. Chameleon Collective’s pivotal role affirmed their expertise in enhancing brands’ commerce strategies and fortifying internal teams.




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