Strategic Talent Synergy

Strategic Talent Synergy

Case Study

Nurturing Diptyque’s North American Growth



Diptyque, a cult favorite global brand, faced a pivotal challenge in managing its exponential growth in North America and diversifying their talent pool across various key roles. The urgency was not just to fill positions but to strategically align talent with the brand’s vision, especially in the rapidly evolving market.


The Chameleon Collective team embarked on a transformational journey in close collaboration with Diptyque’s EU executive team and North America HR. Leveraging our deep-rooted connections and expertise, we strategically placed crucial personnel like Sell-Out Regional Manager, e-retail Manager, Controller, Demand Planner, and, most recently, VP of HR + Talent. Some of these placements were confidential projects, further underlining our adaptability and discretion. We applied a nuanced approach, identifying the need for both backfills and new positions to achieve the desired organizational transformation. Over the years, we cultivated a strong and enduring partnership with Diptyque, understanding their unique needs and providing tailored solutions. 


Chameleon Collective’s interventions had a profound impact on Diptyque’s business landscape. By strategically placing talent that perfectly aligned with Diptyque’s growth trajectory and brand essence, we elevated their capabilities and efficiency. Our engagement marked a pivotal point in their journey, enabling them to forge ahead in the competitive market with a more robust and dynamic team. This transformation wasn’t just about filling roles—it was about empowering Diptyque to take confident strides towards a brighter future, celebrating the success that comes from a truly transformative partnership.


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Elise de Saint Didier

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