Recruiting a Marketing and Sales Team

Recruiting a Marketing and Sales Team

Case Study

A New Era of Growth: Recruiting a Stellar Marketing and Sales Team for Scalefast



Having secured additional funding and with the need to scale up operations, Scalefast required a highly competent Marketing team that would enable the CMO and Co-Founder to delegate responsibilities effectively. The positions in focus were a Director of Marketing, responsible for overseeing multiple channels and leading content and communication strategies, and a Senior Manager of Lead Generation, who would drive acquisition efforts and embody a growth hacker mindset.


Chameleon Collective embarked on a meticulous search to identify candidates who were not just highly skilled but could also adapt to the high-speed pace of a rapidly scaling company. Understanding the unique requirements of the roles and Scalefast global environment, we built a pipeline of over 40 candidates across their offices in Los Angeles, Paris, and Madrid.


After a thorough screening process, we successfully recruited two outstanding professionals who have not only met but exceeded expectations in their roles. A year into their tenure, both hires have proven to be integral parts of the Scalefast team, delivering on all KPIs and fostering significant growth. The success of these placements has led Scalefast to consider expanding its Marketing team further, a testament to the effectiveness of our recruitment approach.


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Elise de Saint Didier

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