Expanding eCommerce and Digital Marketing Teams

Expanding eCommerce and Digital Marketing Teams

Case Study

Shedding Light on Growth: Strategic Recruitment for Lamps Plus



Lamps Plus, the largest lighting retailer in the US, experienced exponential digital growth over recent years. This growth led to a need for an expansion of their eCommerce and Digital Marketing teams, particularly focusing on data analytics in eCommerce and social media.


Chameleon Collective was brought on board to understand the team’s structure working with the previous CMO  to identify suitable candidates who could bring fresh ideas and perspectives. Our recruitment effort focused on a variety of roles – eCommerce Conversion Sr Manager, Influencer Marketing Manager, Data analysts, Head of Amazon online business just to name a few. We had a long standing partnership for 4 years. We sought an eCommerce Conversion Manager with a strong analytical background to support data-driven decision-making. Meanwhile, the Influencer Marketing Manager needed to have in-depth knowledge of social media dynamics to capitalize on the vast opportunities in that area


Through a robust sourcing process, we introduced at least 15 potential candidates for each role to Lamps Plus. We successfully shortlisted about 4 individuals for each position within 8 weeks. The newly formed team, with its diverse skills and perspectives, was positioned to support Lamps Plus’ continued growth in the digital marketplace.




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Elise de Saint Didier

Elise de Saint Didier

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