Consulting and Recruiting

Consulting and Recruiting

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Shopworn’s Digital Renaissance through Insightful Recruiting



Amidst a period of evolution, Shopworn confronted dual requirements: expertise in consulting and adeptness in recruiting. The pivot towards creative and e-commerce transformation was clear, but the structure and talent to propel e-commerce growth were ambiguously charted. The revamped website birthed another challenge: the quest for an e-commerce savant, adept at performance marketing and seamlessly blending into Shopworn’s intimate family-esque culture.


Chameleon Collective worked in tandem with Shopworn, meticulously crafting an organizational design interwoven with a profound e-commerce/creative metamorphosis. Recognizing the unique nuances of Shopworn’s culture, we shortlisted around 10 candidates, each boasting a harmonious blend of e-commerce acumen and marketing prowess. Crucially, these were individuals accustomed to thriving in nimble, fast-paced startups with an unwavering focus on profitabilityThe crux was finding someone who would not just work for, but with the CEO and shareholders, echoing a sense of deep-rooted belonging. Our relentless pursuit culminated in a ten-week timeframe, with the onboarding of an exceptional e-commerce/marketing leader set to elevate Shopworn’s digital landscape in 2023.


2023 unfolded as a watershed year for Shopworn. Thanks to the pivotal hire and the transformative e-commerce recalibration, Shopworn is poised to break even. As they embark on an exciting journey of re-platforming, the stage is set for a robust Q4 and an exhilarating 2024, replete with possibilities.

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