Growth with Strategic Recruitment

Growth with Strategic Recruitment

Case Study

Championing Nom Nom’s Growth with Strategic Recruitment



Nom Nom Now back in 2021 was a burgeoning player in the fresh pet food industry and needed to enhance lead conversion and customer engagement. Their vision required a unique blend of sales and retention expertise, preferably from an individual who could resonate with their target audience – pet lovers. Moreover, to bolster their sales efforts, NomNomNow decided to form a sales team at their production and fulfillment base in Nashville, TN.


Chameleon Collective’s recruitment team joined forces with NomNomNow which is now Nom Nom to understand their unique needs. We succeeded in placing a perfect candidate in their San Francisco office, who not only brought a balanced mix of sales and retention experience but was also a genuine animal lover. Furthermore, we filled the Sales Development Representative position to lay the groundwork for their new sales team in Nashville.


The newly hired Growth Marketing Senior Manager made an immediate impact, bonding seamlessly with the team and significantly contributing to their goals. Similarly, the introduction of the Sales Development Representative led to the successful formation of the sales team, strengthening NomNomNow sales strategy and operations.


Growth with Strategic RecruitmentGrowth with Strategic RecruitmentGrowth with Strategic Recruitment

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