SaaS Sales & Software Engineering Team Recruitment

SaaS Sales & Software Engineering Team Recruitment

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Case Study

Accelerating Intelity’s Growth Through Strategic Recruitment Practices



Intelity, a leading provider of in-room tablets and SaaS products to enhance guest experiences at hotels, casinos, and cruise ships, had experienced significant expansion over the last 5 years and we have partnered ever since with both embedded recruiting services and contingency searches. Their growth strategy included merging with Keypr in 2018 and moving into the UK market. The challenge laid in identifying key personnel from competitors and hiring candidates who not only had the requisite skills but also fit the company culture.


Chameleon Collective was entrusted with the responsibility of supporting Intelity’s engineering team development and the hiring process in Project, Marketing, Sales. Additionally, we took on the crucial task of hiring a Managing Director within just three months to spearhead Intelity’s foray into the EU market.


The successful recruitment drive facilitated several strategic hires for Intelity, including a Product Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Full Stack engineer, Managing Director UK, Data engineer, Sales engineer, Sales Managers, and a Deployment engineer. With a strong team in place, the new Managing Director in the UK started his role in Spring 2019, fostering local team growth and successfully advancing Intelity’s expansion strategy. Our strategic recruitment practices played a pivotal role in fueling Intelity’s growth, allowing the company to achieve its domestic growth goals and successfully penetrate the UK market.


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