Hiring for eCommerce Growth

Hiring for eCommerce Growth

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Case Study

Navigating Challenges: A Successful Recruitment Drive for Biocodex



Biocodex, a global pioneer in probiotics, was faced with the task of expanding its eCommerce operations during a challenging transition period. The company was shifting its team from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States, and it needed an eCommerce Director with solid experience to lead their platform revamp. The role’s location in New Jersey added another layer of complexity to the search. The ideal candidate would not only need to possess robust eCommerce knowledge but also demonstrate the resilience and agility to navigate the company’s rapid changes and highly-regulated product distribution constraints.


Chameleon Collective took on the task of identifying a candidate who would match Biocodex unique blend of established French heritage and startup-like agility in the US. We sought a candidate ready to step up into a leadership role and quickly absorb the nuances of the product and its online distribution challenges. Our comprehensive recruitment strategy, honed by our expertise in the eCommerce sector, allowed us to conduct an efficient search tailored to Biocodex specific needs. 


In less than six weeks, Chameleon successfully found an eCommerce Senior Manager ready to rise to the occasion. He then became the Head of DTC & Amazon channels. The chosen candidate displayed the right mix of operational excellence, adaptability, and a can-do attitude that would prove invaluable in Biocodex highly-regulated probiotic space. Through this successful placement, Biocodex was able for the last 3 years to accelerate its eCommerce growth and navigate the complexities of its industry more effectively.

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