Director of E-Commerce Placement

Director of E-Commerce Placement

Case Study

Beyond Threads: Weaving Tanya Taylor’s Digital and Physical Brand Presence



Tanya Taylor, a fast-growing name in the fashion world, sought to enhance its digital presence while evolving into a best-in-class omnichannel brand. As the anticipation for their first brick-and-mortar store’s grand opening in Fall 2023 surged, a palpable need emerged to fortify their eCommerce strategy. The goal? Finding the right talent to helm their Senior Director of eCommerce Marketing position—a critical role to bridge the digital and physical retail realms.


Chameleon Collective endeavored to identify the perfect candidate by tapping into the depth of our vast network and drawing from our acute understanding of such pivotal roles. Our approach was grounded in expertise and comprehension: understanding the brand ethos, its strategic vision, and the unique demands of the evolving fashion retail landscape. Our dedication bore fruit within a mere 4 weeks, successfully placing a Director of eCommerce. But our collaborative journey with Tanya Taylor didn’t end there. Their trust in our capabilities led to our next mission in Summer 2023: recruiting their VP of Brand Marketing.


For Chameleon Collective, recruitment transcends mere hiring. It’s about weaving the fabric of a company’s future. By seamlessly integrating with Tanya Taylor’s vision, we didn’t just fill roles; we became an intrinsic part of their growth trajectory. The result? A smoother, more efficient talent acquisition process, positioning Tanya Taylor on the vanguard of fashion’s omnichannel frontier.


Tanya Taylor

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