eCommerce Recruiting

eCommerce Recruiting

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Case Study

Talent Magnet: Boosting type A & Algenist



In the rapidly growing clean deodorant sector, our client, Type A, was on the cusp of entering series A funding and had a vision to scale. They required a hands-on Director of Ecommerce and Marketing with specific expertise in Shopify, who could also gradually shoulder additional digital marketing initiatives as the company expanded. The task was further complicated by the market’s high demand for such versatile profiles, particularly when balancing top-tier talent expectations with a startup budget. Meanwhile, Algenist, our client in the DTC skincare space, faced a different challenge. Their Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing had recently left the company, and with Spring 2021 – their peak sales period – fast approaching, they had a limited window to find a suitable replacement.


Leveraging our expertise in the Commerce Practice, we rapidly moved to identify promising candidates from DTC companies experiencing some movement. Our primary focus was on professionals who could bring both Shopify eCommerce leadership experience and the versatility to manage digital advertising across various channels.


The agility of our approach and our deep understanding of the commerce landscape facilitated a swift, successful recruitment process. For Type A, we sourced a competent eCommerce Director capable of supporting their growth journey, while for Algenist, we found an apt replacement for their departed executive right on time for their peak sales period. We’ve since continued our partnership with Algenist, providing further support in other Marketing functions.


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