Driving the Creative Direction

Driving the Creative Direction

A mechanic in a workshop wears a grey jumpsuit with a reflective strip, holding a digital tablet. He stands beside a car with its hood open, inspecting the engine with creative direction. Other vehicles and equipment are visible in the background.

Case Study

Driving the Creative Direction: The Impactful Art Director Hire



US Auto Parts, a company with three sub-brands, was on a mission to rebrand and attract a younger audience, making them the preferred option for consumers in need of car parts. To achieve this, they aimed to establish a strong internal marketing and creative team under the guidance of their new CMO. The Art Director role was considered paramount to provide leadership as the rest of the team was built.


Given the crucial nature of the Art Director role and the need to manage an offshore team, Chameleon Collective Recruiting undertook a focused and rapid search. We sourced over 150 candidates, focusing on their capability to manage a fragmented team and their overall approach to the creative process.


Within a span of less than four weeks, we successfully placed an Art Director who brought not only a 360-degree approach to creativity but also a deep passion for cars, aligning perfectly with the company’s rebranding vision. We continue to assist US Auto Parts in recruiting specialized creatives to further develop their in-house team and drive their ambitious rebranding project.


US Auto Parts

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