Digital Marketing Recruiting for Luxury

Digital Marketing Recruiting for Luxury

A person wearing a light peach dress is shown from the neck to the chest, exuding luxury with several pieces of jewelry. They are wearing a thin necklace with small gems, a gold necklace with a circular gem-studded pendant, and rings on their fingers, including one with a rectangular gem.

Case Study

Sourcing Brilliance for The Natural Diamond Council



In the glittering world of luxury jewelry, The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) aspires not just to shine but to dazzle. Their ambition wasn’t limited to being a mere federation; they envisioned themselves as industry trailblazers. Yet, a gap emerged as they aimed to scale and refine their Performance Marketing strategy. The NDC urgently required an expert, proficient in all Digital Marketing dimensions and deeply attuned to the luxury retail pulse. This jewel of a candidate would need to blend an enthusiasm for the industry with a keen acumen for social media


Tapping into the Chameleon Collective’s vast network and insights, we embarked on a quest to find this unique blend of expertise and passion. Our radar wasn’t just set on conventional digital marketing prowess; we sought someone who could weave tales of luxury trends, voyages, and jewels while balancing it with a robust data-driven approach. Our endeavors led us to a standout candidate who checked every box: a digital marketer rooted in paid social and agency management, a passionate luxury trend blogger, and an analytical thinker. This combination of creativity and strategy was precisely the multifaceted brilliance the NDC sought. Moreover, building on this success, we further collaborated with the NDC, venturing into roles like Social Media Manager, strengthening our bond with their leadership team in the process.


The strategic placement by Chameleon Collective didn’t just fill a role; it illuminated an entire strategy. The infusion of this unique expertise catalyzed NDC’s Performance Marketing approach, making it as radiant and multifaceted as the gems they champion. Our ongoing partnership with the NDC not only solidifies their marketing endeavors but also continues to fortify their position as luminaries in the luxury jewelry space.


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