CEO Placement

CEO Placement

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Solly Baby’s Executive Evolution: A Dive into Strategic Leadership Placement



Amidst the profound transitions in its executive landscape, Solly Baby found itself at a pivotal juncture. With the departure of a recently appointed CEO, the brand was in dire need of a seasoned captain at its helm. This wasn’t just any leadership role; the brand was in pursuit of a unique blend: an individual with operational and financial experience, coupled with the agility to redefine the growth narrative, bridging the perspectives of both the PE firm, Montage Partners, and the brand’s proprietors.


Partnering meticulously with both Montage Partners and the brand’s owner, Chameleon Collective embarked on a mission to sculpt the ideal CEO profile for Solly Baby. The blueprint was clear: someone deeply rooted in startup leadership yet flourishing in commerce and marketing-driven growth paradigms. Our net was cast wide, targeting candidates across the US with an affinity to the baby and kids sector. This concerted effort led to an impressive talent pipeline, from which about 15 candidates emerged for comprehensive interactions with the team.


Diligence and precision were the cornerstones of our talent strategy for Solly Baby. Within a brisk 8-week span, we zeroed in on three exemplary finalists, culminating in the onboarding of a stellar CEO in the summer of 2023. This dynamic leader didn’t just fill a vacant position; they seamlessly integrated with the team, infusing fresh vigor and ensuring key hires to fortify Solly Baby’s future.



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