Recruiting a Commerce Team

Recruiting a Commerce Team

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Case Study

The Power of Leadership: Establishing a Successful Commerce Team for Mansur Gavriel



Luxury retail brand Mansur Gavriel was transitioning into a direct-to-consumer business model and needed to rebuild their marketing team to align with this new direction. The challenge was not just about hiring top talent but also ensuring that the new hires seamlessly integrate with Mansur Gavriel’s brand values and the new business model.


Chameleon Collective’s Dan Clifford stepped in as Mansur Gavriel’s Interim CMO. He collaborated with the Mansur Gavriel team to create a marketing and hiring plan that aimed to fill 12 critical roles in brand, eCommerce, and creative fields. The approach involved extensive candidate identification and hiring, with a keen focus on the candidates’ alignment with Mansur Gavriel’s business transformation.


Under the interim leadership of Dan, Mansur Gavriel successfully hired for crucial roles including Creative Director, Social Media Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, Retention Marketing Manager, PR Coordinator, and eCommerce Manager. In addition, they also successfully replaced their former Director of eCommerce. The transition led to the creation of a strong and culture-aligned marketing team. Chameleon Collective continues to maintain a robust relationship with Mansur Gavriel’s leadership, further aiding their growth plans. The placement of their full-time CMO in 2022 marked a significant milestone in the transformation journey.


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