Strategic Team Revitalization

Strategic Team Revitalization

Case Study

Crafting The Kooples’ eCommerce Future Through Strategic Recruiting



2022 was a year of reinvention for The Kooples. As the brand embarked on a global rebranding journey, the necessity to restructure its eCommerce and Marketing division became paramount. The reshaping of roles was made even more challenging with the unexpected departure of their long-standing eCommerce Director, leaving a significant leadership gap.


In alignment with The Kooples’ vision and working with the new US CEO, Chameleon Collective went beyond mere recruiting to ensure the formation of a cohesive, synergistic team. Between 2021 and the close of 2022, we dedicated our efforts to filling six pivotal roles. Recognizing the unique intricacy – hiring team members first and then their leader – our focal point remained on ensuring the chosen professionals meshed seamlessly. This led us to onboard an eCommerce Director, an Online Sales Manager, a Partnership Manager, an eCommerce Manager, a Performance Marketer, and eventually, a Director of Sales.


The strategically-assembled team played a seminal role in The Kooples’ thriving success in 2022. Not only did they provide unwavering support to the new CEO, but they also cemented a stable foundation, eliminating the need for the CEO to restructure the team from scratch. The true testament to our recruiting acumen came when several of the talents we identified in 2021 began ascending the organizational ladder, marking growth and stability for The Kooples.


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Elise de Saint Didier

Elise de Saint Didier

Partner | Executive Recruiting

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