Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Team Recruiting

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Team Recruiting

Case Study

How Chameleon Collective Revolutionized Santa Cruz Nutritionals’ eCommerce Leadership Recruitment



SCN, a leading manufacturer and seller of gummies in the US, sought to establish a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand. The primary challenge was to construct this team from the ground up, starting with the crucial task of recruiting a Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing – a role requiring proven experience in scaling teams, and a well-rounded background in eCommerce and Growth Marketing.


Chameleon Collective adopted a tailored approach by mapping out the DTC brands landscape in the US. Given that the role was remote, the team targeted candidates with a well-rounded background in eCommerce and Growth Marketing and proven experience in scaling teams. The search also included candidates from similar categories such as energy drinks and nutrition. A unique scoring system was developed to enable the team to compare and rate candidates, resulting in a shortlist of three final contenders.


The strategic recruitment approach proved successful, resulting in the appointment of a highly qualified Head of Growth, who is now actively building an in-house team. The first key addition is a Customer Engagement Manager with strong Social Media experience. This carefully assembled leadership is expected to be instrumental in propelling SCN’s Direct-to-Consumer brand to new heights. Chameleon Collective continues to provide support, further strengthening SCN’s DTC brand-building efforts.

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