Leadership Strategic Recruitment

Leadership Strategic Recruitment

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Case Study

Byredo’s Leadership Transformation through Strategic Recruitment



In the midst of integrating into the PUIG family of elite brands, Byredo found itself navigating a turbulent sea of changes. Among them, the urgent need to rebuild a formidable leadership team. As the company underwent rapid expansion across channels, the departure of the CEO for North America left a vital role vacant. Further, with growth came the necessity to elevate the caliber of talent in key Marketing positions to steer the brand in the right direction.


Chameleon Collective understood the depth of Byredo’s need, recognizing that mere skill proficiency wouldn’t suffice. The goal was to identify leaders who resonated not just with Byredo’s mission but with its soul, character, and the potential to nurture and scale the team. The transformation journey commenced with hiring a dynamic CEO for North America. Simultaneously, the hunt was on for a Sr Director of Marketing, someone capable of recalibrating marketing strategies and seamlessly collaborating with PUIG teams and the EU headquarters. The Chameleon Collective’s expansive network played a pivotal role. Reconnecting with a previously interviewed candidate for a parallel role showcased the unparalleled strength of networking.


The synergy between the newly placed Sr Director of Marketing and the CEO has proven instrumental. Together, they’re meticulously re prioritizing key initiatives, adeptly maneuvering the intricacies of an organization spread across different continents and diverse stakeholders. Their collaborative efforts are setting a precedent, heralding a promising era for Byredo. The early results are tantalizing, and Chameleon Collective eagerly anticipates the transformative waves they’ll continue to create, boosting both revenue and profitability.


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