Recruitment for International Operations

Recruitment for International Operations

Case Study

Driving Diesel’s eCommerce Engine: Swift Recruitment for International Operations



Diesel, an international retailer with its headquarters in Italy, faced difficulties in recruiting talent capable of effectively managing its global operations. The company needed to hire an eCommerce Operations Manager and an eCommerce Specialist who could navigate their cross-functional operations amidst a period of transition.


Understanding the need for swift yet strategic hiring, Chameleon Collective focused on identifying candidates who could not only manage eCommerce operations on a global scale but also establish clear processes and improvements. The ideal candidates needed to be experienced in coordinating cross-functional tasks, including logistics, shipping, fraud, marketplaces, and overall omnichannel services.


Within an incredibly short period of two weeks, Chameleon Collective successfully placed two strong candidates who perfectly met Diesel’s needs. The swift recruitment ensured minimal disruption to Diesel’s global operations during the transitional phase. The newly hired eCommerce Operations Manager and eCommerce Specialist, with their extensive experience and skills, provided an immediate boost to Diesel’s operational capabilities and contributed to the overall growth and efficiency of their global eCommerce platform.

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Melissa Pacheco

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