Creative Director Leadership

Creative Director Leadership

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From Tradition to Transition: The Samuel Hubbard Brand Evolution



Samuel Hubbard stood at the crossroads of transition and opportunity. Their veteran Creative Director was set to retire, leaving an immediate vacancy in a pivotal role. The brand was not just looking for a stand-in; they yearned to seize this window to rejuvenate their online and print visual identity, particularly their catalogues. It was imperative for Samuel Hubbard to sustain their legacy while embracing a fresh aesthetic.


Chameleon Collective, with Michael at the helm, rose to the occasion, taking on the dual role of guardian and innovator for Samuel Hubbard’s brand image. As their interim Creative Director, Michael undertook a holistic re-imagination. He meticulously redefined the brand guidelines, infusing contemporary touches while preserving the brand’s core ethos. The Spring/Summer print catalogue saw a renaissance under his guidance. Simultaneously, he oversaw a transformation of their website’s UX/UI design and revamped the architecture of their marketing emails.


Michael’s artistic reimagination wasn’t just about aesthetics—it was about resonance. The revamped brand guidelines heralded a fresh visual vocabulary for Samuel Hubbard, elevating their presence across platforms. With the newly minted catalogue and email templates, tangible results followed. The brand witnessed a notable surge in revenue and Average Order Value (AOV), underlining the potent blend of tradition and transformation that Michael brought to the table.

Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company LLC

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