Michael Saint-Aubin


Michael Saint-Aubin

Michael specializes in helping companies develop and design brand strategy, positioning, visual identity, and creative assets. Working in tandem with CMO’s and growth marketers he establishes and communicates a brand’s ethos across all channels and media from national campaigns to investor deck presentations and everything in between.

He has a very diverse professional background working for and with non-profits, Fortune 500’s, ad agencies, and start-ups. He’s helped a number of DTC, e-comm brands (Fernish, Joymode, Chubbies, Energy Muse, Orient Watch, Bucketfeet) develop the necessary creative to launch, market, message, and advertise their brands. He’s also worked to create award winning cause marketing and healthcare ad campaigns and brands (More Than A Cough, LungStory, Second Wind).

Michael has elevated many of his clients from pre-seed to Series D level funding and helped marketing teams grow social followings, email lists, customers, and revenue exponentially.