Brand Identity & Marketing

Brand Identity & Marketing

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Refining LabCentral’s Brand Identity in the Biotech and Life Science Start-up Landscape



In the rapidly evolving world of biotech and life sciences start-ups, LabCentral identified a critical need. While they had already established their presence, they realized the necessity to elevate and evolve their brand positioning. Their aspiration? To not just be another name in the marketplace, but a distinguished voice that effectively and distinctively communicates its ethos and value proposition.


Enter Chameleon Collective. The solution wasn’t to be found in just analyzing spreadsheets or market data; it was deeply embedded in the very fabric of LabCentral. Michael Saint-Aubin, the engagement lead, orchestrated a series of immersive brand positioning workshops and conducted thorough interviews across the organizational hierarchy. These deep-dives weren’t merely academic exercises; they became the foundation from which new brand pillars emerged. They also led to a clear articulation and definition of LabCentral’s overarching mission and its core values.


The transformation was tangible. LabCentral immediately began to communicate its positioning with newfound clarity and confidence, resonating both externally in the marketplace and internally within its teams. Michael’s collaboration with LabCentral didn’t halt at brand definition. They joined forces to meticulously overhaul LabCentral’s annual impact reports. Furthermore, to ensure that the brand’s digital footprint mirrored its revamped identity, Michael spearheaded a comprehensive redesign of LabCentral’s website.

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