Marketing & Strategy Mentorship

Marketing & Strategy Mentorship

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Igniting Impact: How Komatsu Mining Amplified Its Marketing Prowess with Chameleon Collective



Komatsu Mining’s Marketing division found themselves at a pivotal juncture. They were endowed with a vision of a harmonious blend of talent, culture, and exceptional strategic marketing, but the reality was falling short of this aspiration. While potential was evident, the synergy and outputs needed refinement. They sought the expertise of Julie Mantis and Brian Adamovich from Chameleon Collective to recalibrate their efforts, ensuring volume harmonized with impactful results.


At Chameleon Collective, our initial step was to craft a comprehensive Gap Assessment & Strategic Recommendation. This crucial evaluation shone a light on the resource disparities, requisite skills, and burgeoning opportunities tailored to Komatsu Mining’s organizational objectives. Our recommendations were holistic, encompassing everything from a revamped organizational framework, role definitions, activity specifications, to the introduction of supportive technologies and the establishment of pertinent KPIs. Transitioning from planning to action, our implementation strategy was marked by collaboration. We architected workflows borne out of collective brainstorming, ensuring that every team member found their rhythm within the new construct. Training became a focal point; both marketing and creative divisions were adeptly coached to navigate and champion the new methodologies. Throughout this journey, Chameleon Collective stood as a beacon of mentorship and technological expertise until Komatsu Mining’s team confidently soared on their own wings.


The results spoke volumes. Komatsu Mining witnessed the seamless integration of cross-functional marketing practices. Their operations were not only streamlined but also optimized for excellence. The transformation led to the full-fledged utilization of the in-house team, which had a ripple effect: staff retention surged, and the erstwhile need for outsourcing became redundant.

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Julie Mantis

Julie Mantis

Interim VP, Brand Strategy

Caleb Ludwick

Caleb Ludwick

Brand & Messaging Director

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