Big Swing Set Project

Big Swing Set Project

Children and an adult are enjoying an outdoor playground with several green slides attached to wooden structures. Nearby, a Big Swing Set stands as part of the Swing Set Project. The children are either sliding down or climbing up, while the adult looks on, walking alongside the slides. The sky is clear, and the ground is grassy.

Case Study

Building Bonds and Breaking Records: A Unique Marketing Approach by Backyard Discovery and Big Brothers Big Sisters



Backyard Discovery and Big Brothers Big Sisters had an ambitious goal – to use the power of play to increase awareness of the positive impact mentoring has on children. They aimed to deliver this message while driving community engagement and boosting ecommerce sales.


We orchestrated a unique event that combined volunteering, mentoring, and fun, constructing a record-setting swing set built by ‘Bigs’ and ‘Littles’ alike. Unbeknownst to the children, each of the 22 deluxe swing sets had a hidden plaque revealing that the set was for one of the families on site to take home. We filmed the entire event – the building, the laughter, the joy, the surprise – and turned it into a film to share with the world. Aiming to make this tale even more memorable, we sought a coveted spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for crafting the longest swing set in existence.


Our innovative approach resulted in unprecedented levels of community engagement and the highest single-day ecommerce sales to date for Backyard Discovery. The event attracted significant media attention, with coverage on television news stations, newspapers, and websites including and, as well as a video hosted on Comcast’s Video On Demand Platform.


Big Swing Set Project Big Swing Set Project

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