Jeff SanGeorge


Jeff SanGeorge

Jeff SanGeorge is a veteran digital marketing professional with 20 years of experience helping small and large businesses scale through digital marketing channels. Jeff has founded and managed two digital marketing agencies for over 12 years. Jeff leverages his deep experience in web design, web development and content marketing to help inform his knowledge of search engine marketing.

Jeff is a data-driven marketer who is at home in the digital world. He leverages technologies, marketing systems, and processes to achieve his clients’ specific business goals.

Previously known as a digital marketing “jack-of-all-trades”, Jeff has honed his area of expertise to Search. His focus is on Organic Search and Technical SEO, but he has also successfully managed dozens of paid search campaigns with a positive ROI.

Jeff also has experience planning and running successful multi-channel digital marketing campaigns through Social Media, Search, Remarketing, Programmatic and more.

Jeff is available to work in multiple capacities including advisory roles, strategic planning and hands-on execution.