Holistic SEO Campaign

Holistic SEO Campaign

Case Study

From a Spark to a Blaze: The Digital Rise of Homeworx by Slatkin & Co.



Homeworx by Slatkin & Co., fresh from the launch of their new eCommerce platform, found themselves at a crossroads. While brand traffic was trickling in, the digital avenues beyond remained largely uncharted. Their challenge? Carving out their space in the digital landscape, driving organic traffic, and translating these visits into tangible sales.


Chameleon Collective embarked on a holistic SEO campaign. The journey began with a thorough website audit to understand the existing landscape, followed by exhaustive keyword research to identify golden opportunities. Competitor assessment further sharpened our strategy, revealing the niches and spaces where Homeworx by Slatkin & Co. could truly shine. Our focus then shifted to refining collection and product pages, optimizing them around high-impact keywords. As months rolled on, and as the brand’s organic presence strengthened, Chameleon Collective took the reins of their Google Ads campaigns, integrating paid strategies with organic efforts for a unified digital thrust.


The transformation was electrifying. Within mere months, our SEO efforts began illuminating the brand’s digital path. Online sales skyrocketed, boasting an impressive surge of over 800%. Furthermore, the brand’s digital prominence was clear: clinching the top spot on Google searches for pivotal keywords like “4 wick candles” and “gourmand candles”. The cherry on top? A phenomenal 12% ROAS on Google Ads, especially during the pivotal 2022 holiday season, underpinning the brand’s triumphant digital journey.

Homeworx by Harry Slatkin

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