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SEO Strategy

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Seamless Fusion: Crafting the Digital DNA for Trackforce Valiant 



In the rapidly evolving digital world, Trackforce and Valiant, two behemoths in the security software domain, decided to synergize as Trackforce Valiant Inc. With this merger came the challenge of weaving two distinct digital footprints into one cohesive web entity. They aimed not only to merge but to optimize, ensuring that the new digital space reflected the best of both worlds.


Harnessing the intricate tapestry of SEO, the Chameleon Collective team embarked on a meticulous journey. We delved deep into both existing websites, laying out a detailed roadmap for redirecting pages. Criteria were set, pathways identified, and then, with precision, we executed the redirects. But we didn’t stop there. We fine-tuned the new website, filling each page with potent SEO signals, ensuring that Trackforce Valiant Inc’s new digital home was both robust and search-engine friendly.


Through our meticulous SEO strategy and redirection plan, Trackforce Valiant Inc seamlessly transitioned from two separate digital entities into a unified online presence. Not only did they retain their existing organic traffic, but they also experienced a noticeable uptick in organic visitors.


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