Case Study: WorldRemit – Interim CMO

Case Study: WorldRemit – Interim CMO

A person holds a smartphone displaying the WorldRemit app screen, featuring the app's logo and name in white against a purple background. The phone has a blue case, and the background is blurred, making it look like an ideal subject for a marketing case study.

Case Study

Rapid Transformation: How WorldRemit Accelerated Growth with an Interim CMO



WorldRemit, a global payments platform boasting over 5 million active users, faced organizational turbulence, with four CMO turnovers within eight months leading to a dramatic decrease in marketing performance. Chameleon Collective was called upon to restore order, revitalize strategy and marketing operations, and, ultimately, drive growth.


Onboarding remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, our first action was to connect individually with all employees within the first two weeks, gaining vital insights and data for our plan. Using this information, we rapidly outlined a new marketing strategy aimed at immediate performance improvement and clarified the brand’s purpose across all POE channels. Simultaneously, we restructured the team, establishing seamless integration between the marketing, product, customer service, and operations divisions. An added focus was the incorporation of a content practice, enhancing WorldRemit’s overall communication strategy. Empowered to drive fast changes, we implemented novel processes, strategies, and executions within a span of three months.


Our swift action resulted in a dramatic reduction in churn, while acquisitions surged more than 110% YoY, enhancing brand awareness across all major markets. Over six months, we not only stabilized the WorldRemit team but also developed scalable programs, priming the firm for its journey toward becoming a unicorn in the payments industry.


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Uwe Hook

Uwe Hook

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