Case Study: Erno Laszlo – Interim Head Of Growth Marketing

Case Study: Erno Laszlo – Interim Head Of Growth Marketing

A woman with brown hair is smiling, holding a finger to her cheek where a small amount of Erno Laszlo cream is applied. Her finger is gently pressing the cream into her skin. The plain background emphasizes her clear complexion and serene expression.

Case Study

Transforming Erno Laszlo’s eCommerce Strategy: The Impact of an Interim Head of Growth Marketing



Erno Laszlo, a celebrity-coveted skincare brand, faced the challenge of reaching a new customer base to scale growth despite having an established loyal customer base. With a hundred years of heritage and luxury status, the brand’s strategy needed to accelerate eCommerce growth across various digital channels. A leadership vacuum in the performance marketing domain was hampering these growth efforts.


Filling the role of Interim Head Of Growth Marketing, a Chameleon Collective executive was instrumental in reshaping Erno Laszlo’s approach to digital marketing. Their first course of action was to establish a well-defined growth marketing organization structure and create clear KPIs that would guide future marketing activities. By fostering a performance-oriented approach and endorsing a data-driven methodology, the Interim Head Of Growth Marketing created a culture focused on enhancing customer lifetime value. This new culture was adopted by the entire company and agency partners. In addition, the Interim Head Of Growth Marketing concentrated on profitably filling the customer acquisition funnel. This was achieved by leveraging multiple channels like paid media, affiliate marketing, email marketing, organic social media, and influencer strategy.


With the guidance and leadership provided by Chameleon’s Interim Head Of Growth Marketing, Erno Laszlo experienced double-digit eCommerce growth. The brand was able to significantly accelerate its new customer acquisition. 

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