Oh Ship! Show Presents: Attempting the Impossible

On this week’s episode, host Freddie Laker welcomes guest Pete Sena, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Digital Surgeons. Freddie and Pete will be covering a host of topics including entrepreneurship, creative concepts, design thinking, and more – all under the umbrella of “Attempting the Impossible.” If you’re a big thinker, or just need some inspiration to spark your next project, big or small, this show will be for you. Join us for an engaging discussion and Freddie and Pete might even share some Oh Ship! moments!


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“Oh Ship!” is about celebrating the failures, sharing those stories, learning, and laughing along the way.

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Freddie Laker

A veteran digital marketer with experience working with some of the world's biggest global brands. He now focuses on providing interim leadership to PE-backed firms.

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