eCommerce Brand Transformation

eCommerce Brand Transformation

Case Study

Tailoring Success: Chameleon Collective’s Brand Strategy Revolution with Stantt



Stantt burst onto the scene with their revolutionary men’s shirting, offering 99 distinct sizes and a proprietary algorithm that ensured a perfect fit with just 3 measurements. While their Kickstarter launch was met with success, and they carved a flourishing wholesale business, a significant challenge loomed: translating their unique value proposition and brand story effectively on their own digital platform.


Stantt recognized the need for a partner that could guide them through the complexities of digital terrain. They found that partner in Chameleon Collective. Our approach wasn’t just about finding a solution; it was about crafting a tailored strategy that resonated with Stantt’s innovative spirit. Chameleon Collective took the reins, developing a comprehensive digital roadmap that would pave the way to success. We embraced Stantt’s pioneering mindset as we built a brand strategy framework, one that was designed not just to market but to inspire. From there, we navigated the intricate channels of UX, design, and development to breathe life into a new ecommerce site—one that would reflect Stantt’s unique identity and connect with customers on a personal level.


The transformation was more than digital; it was a reimagining of what Stantt’s brand could be. With Chameleon Collective’s guidance, Stantt’s digital presence was elevated to new heights, reflecting their innovative spirit and resonating with their core audience. Our relationship with Stantt didn’t end with a project; it evolved into a partnership. Ilan Tito, part of the Chameleon Collective, continues to work closely with Stantt as an advisor, ensuring that their journey of innovation never ceases and their brand continues to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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