Affiliate and Analytics Revamp

Affiliate and Analytics Revamp

Case Study

ICEMULE’s Affiliate and Analytics Revamp with Chameleon Collective



ICEMULE, the trailblazing DTC portable cooler brand, found itself at a crossroads. Their internal team pinpointed certain marketing gaps; particularly, some vital elements weren’t being tracked effectively. This posed a risk to their paid media investments, potentially hindering their ROI. Furthermore, ICEMULE identified the potential of affiliate marketing in scaling their revenue and saw the need to refine and optimize this channel to harness its full capacity.


Enter Brittany MacBeth of Chameleon Collective, equipped with a robust toolkit of data analytics and affiliate marketing prowess. Brittany’s first step was to conduct a comprehensive audit of ICEMULE Google Analytics account, leading to a thorough overhaul of their analytics framework. Parallelly, she examined the brand’s existing affiliate landscape. Drawing upon her vast expertise, she mapped out strategies and optimization avenues to supercharge the affiliate program’s demand and elevate its contribution to DTC revenue. In her quest for data transparency, Brittany deployed several Google Data Studio dashboards, knitting together all media sources for real-time tracking. On ICEMULE’s behest, she also championed their transition to GA4.


Brittany’s strategic interventions bore fruit. Over two years, not only did she amplify ICEMULE’s affiliate program revenue by an impressive 69%, but she also augmented the channel’s contribution to overall revenue by a whopping 263%. All these milestones were achieved while preserving a commendably high ROAS. With Chameleon Collective at the helm, IceMule experienced a transformative journey from data uncertainties to confident scaling.

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