Affiliate & Display Manager

Affiliate & Display Manager

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Amidst the Holiday Buzz: Bergdorf Goodman’s Accelerated Success with Chameleon Collective Expertise



As the buzz of the key holiday retail season began, Bergdorf Goodman faced an unforeseen obstacle: the sudden resignation of their in-house Affiliate & Display Manager. Given that these channels were paramount to driving demand and new customer acquisition, the timing posed a significant risk, threatening to derail their season’s momentum.


Understanding the criticality of the situation, Chameleon Collective’s Brittany MacBeth seamlessly integrated herself into the Bergdorf Goodman environment. Diving deep into their expansive affiliate program strategy, she collaborated closely with internal teams, spanning marketing to promotions, while also liaising effectively with the channel agency partner. Brittany’s expertise was further demonstrated as she adeptly integrated with Bergdorf’s third-party open web retargeting partner, ensuring no stone was left unturned.


Over a span of ten months, Brittany’s strategic input and execution prowess led to a stellar +14% revenue growth for Bergdorf Goodman. Not only did she implement innovative partnerships with a focus on rich content, but her astute data analytics capabilities spotlighted a significant tracking error. This keen observation subsequently saved the Neiman Marcus Group a whopping seven-figure amount in unnecessary expenditures.

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Brittany MacBeth

Brittany MacBeth

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