Amazon Strategy

Amazon Strategy

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Case Study

A Remarkable Q4: Revitalizing Funimation’s Amazon Strategy



Funimation, in the crucial Q4 of 2019, needed a new marketing partner to quickly take ownership and launch their ad campaigns to support sales initiatives. They also required a robust and sustainable strategy to drive sales on Amazon with the aid of paid search.


Chameleon Collective was engaged and swiftly set to work. Our team created hundreds of campaigns within days, building a paid search strategy to support both Funimation’s best sellers as well as their new releases. In addition, we designed a strategy to enhance brand equity on Amazon through updated, engaging creative, including video. We collaborated closely with both Funimation and Amazon to leverage all available Amazon advertising programs, including beta programs to stimulate growth. Through meticulous testing of both automated software and manual bidding, we ensured that each brand under the Funimation umbrella received the appropriate support.


Chameleon Collective’s swift and strategic actions led to impressive results. We exceeded Funimation’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals by over 3x their initial objectives. Our successful engagement led to an expansion of the project to include Growth Marketing Leadership, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and affiliate marketing, thus providing a comprehensive solution for Funimation’s marketing needs.


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