Amplified Fitness Leadership

Amplified Fitness Leadership

Three women are exercising on yoga balls in a gym, showcasing fitness leadership. They sit with their hands on their hips, smiling. The woman in front is on a red ball, while the two behind her are on grey and blue balls. Gym equipment is visible in the background, amplifying the scene.

Case Study

Amplifying Blink Fitness through Earned Media



Blink Fitness sought to invigorate their brand presence and drive in-gym leads through earned media. They wanted to execute by inserting their personal training experts into renowned consumer presses for thought leadership presence and localized outlets for each of their markets with news and in-gym events.


The Chameleon Collective team recognized the power of proactive media relations and devised a two-pronged strategy. Firstly, we strategically integrated Blink Fitness experts into broader fitness dialogues, positioning them as authorities in the realm of health and exercise. Simultaneously, we amplified the visibility of in-gym events, aiming to foster a strong community connection and spur local engagement. This meant consistent media appearances, with Blink Fitness making headlines 3-4 times monthly across a spectrum of media platforms.


The results were nothing short of transformative. Coverage spanned from high-tier publications like Women’s Health, PopSugar, and SELF to local favorites such as the Long Island Herald. Notably, our efforts propelled Blink Fitness beyond their targeted impressions, with over 853 million impressions so far in 2023, strengthening their market positioning and accentuating their dual role as both fitness experts and community leaders. 


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