B2B Sales & Marketing

B2B Sales & Marketing

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Case Study

Sales Velocity Unleashed: Channel Factory’s Rapid Market Penetration



Channel Factory is a global technology and data platform transforming YouTube’s vast content into brand-suitable advertising opportunities. The company engaged Chameleon Collective to significantly enhance its market penetration and accelerate sales growth, necessitating the expertise of outsourced fractional sales leadership.


Chameleon Collective identified Channel Factory’s key targets and markets, laying the groundwork for an aggressive growth strategy. An interim sales leader from Chameleon Collective initiated meetings with leading agencies and brands, guiding the pitch process, coaching the internal team, and leveraging high-level relationships to ensure deals were closed. This proactive approach extended beyond the initial wins to sustain ongoing relationships and augment deal sizes and relationship value over time. Through a partnership with The Room, Chameleon Collective secured valuable marketplace feedback that informed the evolution of Channel Factory’s marketplace positioning and product roadmap. As the trust in the relationship grew, our team expanded its services to include executive recruiting for pivotal roles in marketing and sales.


As a strategic partner, Chameleon Collective played a crucial role in Channel Factory’s remarkable growth journey. In one year, Channel Factory witnessed an astounding 300% growth, testifying to the effective leadership and sales strategies implemented by Chameleon Collective. This collaboration and the resulting successes highlight the profound impact of interim leadership in accelerating growth and leading a company toward market leadership.


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