Recruiting for DTC Brand Growth Strategy

Recruiting for DTC Brand Growth Strategy

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Case Study

Assembling a Winning Team for Gladskin’s DTC Brand



As an internationally recognized biotech/skincare company, Gladskin had successfully carved out a niche in the Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) marketplace. To further bolster their U.S. presence, they needed to expand their team with a Head of Growth Marketing, eCommerce Product Manager, Ops Manager, Project Manager and Social Media Manager. The challenge was finding versatile and entrepreneurial candidates who could fully grasp the brand’s unique offerings and ethos.


Chameleon Collective partnered closely with Gladskin’s CEO and Interim Head of Marketing to lead a comprehensive recruitment drive in Spring 2020. Through Melissa, Laura, and Elise’s targeted efforts, we engaged with various candidates whose profiles helped the leaders better understand the precise skill sets they needed in their team. This interactive process allowed us to refine the ideal candidate profile while identifying potential fits along the way.


Chameleon Collective’s precise and adaptive recruitment strategy successfully led to the appointment of key personnel in Gladskin’s U.S. team. These strategic hires not only fulfilled the company’s immediate staffing needs but also added considerable value in terms of understanding and leveraging the brand’s specific requirements. Our ongoing relationship with Gladskin continues to be a vital part of their team expansion and DTC brand growth strategy.

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