Brand & Ecommerce Overhaul

Brand & Ecommerce Overhaul

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Case Study

Pioneering Digital Transformation: Encompass’s Journey to Market Dominance



Encompass, a large-scale custom e-commerce site with over 8 million items in its database, had unique challenges related to its focus on simple OEM parts. With more than a million in-stock items at any given moment, there was a need for an updated e-commerce strategy and improved customer experience. Their custom-built e-commerce platform, though extensive, required significant enhancement.


Chameleon Collective offered interim leadership to work closely with the CEO and CTO of Encompass to formulate an updated e-commerce strategy. The strategy included a detailed audit of the existing approach and technology, identifying areas of improvement and opportunities. The focus was on enhancing the customer experience, especially on mobile devices. Over time, the team also assisted in redeveloping the company’s brand, leading to a sitewide update. From a content perspective, Chameleon Collective implemented systems that leveraged third-party data to enhance listings. Natural Language Processing (NLP) was used to refine the final copy, providing a deeper content perspective to improve search rankings and customer experience.


The implementation of this comprehensive, updated strategy and the technological enhancement of the custom-built e-commerce platform led to significant improvements in search rankings, enriched customer experience, and positioned Encompass as a leading player in the e-commerce market. With greater content depth and improved mobile experience, Encompass successfully modernized its business to lead in an increasingly competitive market.


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